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Last updated: 26/08/2021.

On this page, I would like to inform you about the use of cookies on my website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites can use to make the user experience more efficient. They are tools with an essential role in the provision of services; among others, they allow to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment, and to recognize the user of a website to improve the service offered.

The law states that I can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. For all other types of cookies I need your permission.

This site uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on our pages.

You can change or withdraw your consent at any time from the Cookie Statement on this website.

Learn more about who I am, how you can contact me and how I process personal data in my Privacy Policy.

Your consent applies to the following domain

What is not a cookie?

A cookie is not a virus, Trojan horse, worm, spam, spyware, or pop-up window.

What types of cookies exist?

Depending on who is the entity that manages the domain from which cookies are sent and treat the data obtained:

  • Own Cookies: These are those generated by the website visited.
  • Third-party cookies: Those generated by external suppliers and outside the visited website (e.g. Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Depending on the length of time they remain stored in the user’s browser:

  • Session cookies: they collect and store information while the user browses a web page (for example, when information related to the shopping cart in an online store is stored for a certain period of time).
  • Persistent cookies: Data remains stored in a terminal and can be accessed and processed for a variable period of time (from a few minutes to several years).

Depending on the purpose for which the data obtained is used:

  • Necessary Cookies: these are the most basic; they allow the user to browse a website, platform or application, and use the different options that exist in it. They allow, among other things, to know when a human or an automated application is browsing the web, and perform basic tasks for the proper functioning of a website.
  • Analysis Cookies: They collect information about the type of navigation and user behavior on the websites to which they are linked. This information is normally used to measure the activity of websites in order to make improvements based on the results obtained.
  • Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to track visitors on websites. The intention is to show relevant and attractive ads to the individual user, and therefore more valuable to publishers and third-party advertisers.
  • Preference cookies: Preference cookies allow the website to remember information that changes the way the site behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or the region you are in.
  • Social media cookies: These are used to allow website visitors to interact with content from different social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, etc.). For example, when sharing web content through a button inserted in the same web. The conditions of use of these cookies are governed by the cookie and privacy policies of the corresponding social network.

What kind of cookies does this website use and who uses them?

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, we detail here the use of cookies we make on this website, to inform you as accurately as possible.

On this website we use:

  • Cookies necessary to ensure the correct and secure operation of this website.
  • Statistical cookies to collect information about the type of navigation and user behavior on this website.

Third-party cookies:

This website uses the following cookies, necessary and third party cookies:

Cookie Supplier Expiration Purpose
CookieConsent 1 year Stores the user’s cookie consent for the domain.
elementor Continuous Used in relation to the WordPress theme of the website. The cookie allows the website owner to deploy or change the content of the website in real time.

joinchat_views Continuous It is used to collect information about how the visitor interacts with the live chat function of the website.

Where are cookies stored?

Cookies are stored in each browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.).

If you do not activate them, among other effects, may occur (This list is merely enunciative):

  • That you can not collect the necessary data to analyze the website, preventing improve the service provided.
  • You may not be able to share content from this website on social networks.
  • That you can not post comments on the blog.
  • That you can not use any social network, as all use cookies to provide their service.
  • You can not load all the content of the web or the products chosen in the online store, so that you can not purchase the desired products.

Can cookies be deleted?

They can be deleted and blocked, in general or in particular (for a specific website).

To delete cookies from a website you must go to the settings of the browser you use, find the cookies associated with the domain in question, and block them.

In these links you will find information on the configuration options of cookies in different browsers:

Acceptance of cookies

If the user continues browsing after having been informed about the Cookies Policy, it is understood that he/she accepts the use of cookies by this website.

When accessing this website for the first time, you will see a warning about the use of cookies on the website, and where you can consult this Cookies Policy, accept them, close the warning or refuse the use of cookies. If the user consents to the use of cookies or continues browsing, it is understood that you have consented to our cookies policy, own and third party, and agree to install them on your computer or device.

More information

You can find more information on the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

You can also write to me at

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